Tips & Tricks 4

Hello everybody !!

Welcome (back) !!
So today I’m going to tell you about a trick that will help you making your pages faster.
If you started at the beginning, you sorted your photo’s ,renamed them and then you made collage’s and ordered or printed your photo’s.
Today I will show you a trick that I use when I have a ton of photo’s to process.
(When I’m behind or for a travel album etc.)

Before I order/print my photo’s , I print a “index” of all the photo’s I’m planning to use.
In this example I will show you how my workflow is when i’m making a “project life travel album”.
So I print an Index. That’s a print with about 20 small prints on a A4.
week1 (18)
This is a really old photo…

As you can see I cut it in small photo’s after that.

week1 (17)

When I’m done cutting , I sort them. Mostly by day. So when I process travel photo’s
I rename them by day or date because I make layouts by date.
I also pick out the one’s you can use as a filler. (I will explain those in a later post. ) Like a cup of coffee or a photo of a flower with no real story behind it.
Now you get out your Pocket Pages. And put your index prints in on chronological order. So if you want a scrapbook layout. Put one in a large Pocket with no small pockets.

Just pick a layout you like, and put your indexes in.
you will find out, that you are switching from page during your process and will eliminate photo’s because…well your album is just that big…
In my chunkiest album of sn@p I have: 30 sn@p pocket pages, the original 3 craft page dividers and the original 8 pages of card stock. In the back I also put in a envelope of Becky Higgins for my receipts and other odd and ends.


As you can see it is stuffed !!
And I didn’t even use ephemera/embellishments on every page…
So be sure to sort trough them thoroughly and pick out the ones that are telling a story.
After sorting and putting them in their designated pocket page, I will finally order or print my photo’s. I use this method because I can make up to 2000 or more photo’s during our vacations. But those don’t fit in one album, not even two.

I made the decision that our travels of 10/14 day’s  must fit in one or two 6×8 albums. And our weekly (and long/special travels) in one 9×12 or 12×12. For short trips I must use mini albums 4×6 or 4×4 or even handmade.
I made this decision because my house is just so big and
eventually I want to down size …  And if we are blessed with kids and make scrapbooks for them I have to fit them somewhere LOL.
So that’s why.
And if your honest to your self, not every snack/cocktail/siesta has to be in your scrapbook.

After sorting and ordering, you can process your album further. While waiting on your order, you can already sort trough your cards and paper and cut them to size and even add them to the pockets.
You can make embellishment clusters or start on your journalling.
And when your photo’s are deliverd you only have to cut them to size,
put them in the right pocket, add some embellishments and journalling and your done.
You can adjust the last part just how you like it. This works really great when you want to show off your photo’s really quick !!

I hope you enjoyed my blog of today!
And I love to see you back next week!!

Hugs Lieke,

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