Week 7

Point Blur_May032017_163109

Hello !!
Welcome back again!!

I’m skipping week 6 so we’ll be hopping over to week 7 today !
And I love this LO!! Especially because of the 3 great photo’s of our cats.

This week I used: Modeling paste, a honeycomb stamp and embossing powder in gold,
cards from the Indian summer collection, Peacock feather distress ink to color the modeling paste. And…Inka gold from viva, a golden bees wax.

I used a 9×12 pocket and a 6×12, I love to put in some variation so when we have a slow week or not so much to tell, I like to put in a smaller pocket page.
I also wanted to tell about Dick Bruna who past away that week. That’s the crying bunny card.

I also put some scrap paper underneath the photo’s to give them a small pop.
And I even used the embossing powder (it’s from WOW) on the photo’s.



I’m also pretty fond of my old fashion label maker…


I used the planner card as my week titel card, and stamped the date on.
And to finish the LO, I put on some enamel dots and splattered everything.

Thank you for reading,
hope to see you back soon.

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Hugs Lieke.


Tips and Tricks

Hello there,
welcome back !!

Today I want to talk Photo’s …. again.
How do you choose a photo for your scrap/PL book.
Well for me a photo has to tell a story.

If I look at my week 4 LO

Point Blur_Apr022017_212701

I tell the story about Venco going to the vet and why.
I show my favorite candy of that moment.
I tell about how our other cat Miepje suddenly wanting to sit on our lap. (she never does that…)
I show what our most favorite and most eaten foods are.
Show my ear warmer that I finished crocheting,
and last I tell about Harry always watching tv when animal planet is on.

So as you can see those are, in a totally normal week, the normal stuff I want to tell.
My PL is for me a kind of diary, so I put in the normal stuff.

I sort and edit my photo’s in Adobe Lightroom.
So the first thing I do is opening that.
I import all my photo’s of that week or, if there was something special, of that day.
And start by looking through them, the photo’s I like best get 4 stars. After that,
I start editing. The photo’s that look the best get a star between 3 and 5.
When i’m done with that, I begin sorting through them …again. And try to find out if they show what I want to tell. If they make a complete story of that day or week,
I start printing.
If there are a lot of photo’s I make a index print first as I showed in
Tips and Tricks 4 .

And then the fun part begins !!!

Thank you for reading.
And I hope to see you next time.

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Week 5 add on

Welcome back everybody !!

I like this blogging better as I thought.

For week 5 I did a add on, because we went to the zoo.
I really wanted to try something new for that spread, so
I got out my modeling paste and my distress inks and got dirty.


I printed the cards my self. Because my zoo cards from Becky Higgins are almost used up. I bought a digital set in the Project Life app and printed them on my big canon printer on dcp paper.
My photo’s are printed with a border so I can stick em on a card.

I started by gesso-ing my cards and some corners of my photo’s.
After that I choose a stencil , and matte modeling paste. I mixed it up a little so I got colored paste.


I found that I was missing something, so I stamped around a bit and added some tags.


Put on some name labels. (wrong animal I know haha)
And of course I love enamel dots so those had to be in there to!!


And lost but not least I added a lot of splatters !!


And when I was finished I knew I was in love with this kind of style.
So I made a lot of other mixed media type of LO’s.

Thank you for reading.
And I hope to see you next time.

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Hugs Lieke.

Week 5

Hello everybody!!
Welcome (back) !!


So week 5 !!

In week 5 I followed the same process as in week 4.
The only difference was that I wanted to explore combining Project Life and Mixed Media.
So I started on my page like last week. Sorting photo’s and adding cards. After that
I made my own embellishments, banners chevrons etc. After that i decided that typed journaling would be fun. So I typed my journaling on my typewriter and cut it in strips.
After that I added all the other stuff. Than I thought about the mixed media part and getting my pages to look finished. So picked the green color on the top left card. And went though my watercolors. I than decided to go by splattering paint on my LO.
When i done that, I had the feeling I was still missing something. So I cut some little stars with my diamond press. And tadaa my page was finished!!

And I am so happy with the result !!
I think I will explore this more and create a whole personal style.

Let me know I you liked it.
Thank you for reading.
Hope to see you back next time!!

Hugs Lieke.

Tips & Tricks 4

Hello everybody !!

Welcome (back) !!
So today I’m going to tell you about a trick that will help you making your pages faster.
If you started at the beginning, you sorted your photo’s ,renamed them and then you made collage’s and ordered or printed your photo’s.
Today I will show you a trick that I use when I have a ton of photo’s to process.
(When I’m behind or for a travel album etc.)

Before I order/print my photo’s , I print a “index” of all the photo’s I’m planning to use.
In this example I will show you how my workflow is when i’m making a “project life travel album”.
So I print an Index. That’s a print with about 20 small prints on a A4.
week1 (18)
This is a really old photo…

As you can see I cut it in small photo’s after that.

week1 (17)

When I’m done cutting , I sort them. Mostly by day. So when I process travel photo’s
I rename them by day or date because I make layouts by date.
I also pick out the one’s you can use as a filler. (I will explain those in a later post. ) Like a cup of coffee or a photo of a flower with no real story behind it.
Now you get out your Pocket Pages. And put your index prints in on chronological order. So if you want a scrapbook layout. Put one in a large Pocket with no small pockets.

Just pick a layout you like, and put your indexes in.
you will find out, that you are switching from page during your process and will eliminate photo’s because…well your album is just that big…
In my chunkiest album of sn@p I have: 30 sn@p pocket pages, the original 3 craft page dividers and the original 8 pages of card stock. In the back I also put in a envelope of Becky Higgins for my receipts and other odd and ends.


As you can see it is stuffed !!
And I didn’t even use ephemera/embellishments on every page…
So be sure to sort trough them thoroughly and pick out the ones that are telling a story.
After sorting and putting them in their designated pocket page, I will finally order or print my photo’s. I use this method because I can make up to 2000 or more photo’s during our vacations. But those don’t fit in one album, not even two.

I made the decision that our travels of 10/14 day’s  must fit in one or two 6×8 albums. And our weekly (and long/special travels) in one 9×12 or 12×12. For short trips I must use mini albums 4×6 or 4×4 or even handmade.
I made this decision because my house is just so big and
eventually I want to down size …  And if we are blessed with kids and make scrapbooks for them I have to fit them somewhere LOL.
So that’s why.
And if your honest to your self, not every snack/cocktail/siesta has to be in your scrapbook.

After sorting and ordering, you can process your album further. While waiting on your order, you can already sort trough your cards and paper and cut them to size and even add them to the pockets.
You can make embellishment clusters or start on your journalling.
And when your photo’s are deliverd you only have to cut them to size,
put them in the right pocket, add some embellishments and journalling and your done.
You can adjust the last part just how you like it. This works really great when you want to show off your photo’s really quick !!

I hope you enjoyed my blog of today!
And I love to see you back next week!!

Hugs Lieke,

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Week 4

In week 4 I began a little experiment.
For the first time I let my self free. So I didn’t try to lift, or try to  copy a certain style.
I picked out a set of cards, not by looking at the colors …but just because I liked the cards. After that I arranged the photo’s and picked the die-cuts. I started with the catitued. Because it’s such a funny story. (if our tabby doesn’t get his way, he will sit whit his back to the room and swoosh his tale very loudly ) I put in the stories about our other 2 cats. The first one being the most important.
Next came the 2 about the pizza and soup. I planned this year to tell more about normal random stuff. Today about our favorite food. (and candy)
I had one empty place left, so I put in the making of my earmuffs.
And then I let myself loose with die-cuts.
I was really pleased with the result, but i felt that i could have done more….

Thanks for reading,
Love Lieke

———-Nederlands onder de foto’s !!———-
Point Blur_Apr022017_212701Point Blur_Apr022017_212500Point Blur_Mar022017_170249

In week 4 begon ik een klein experiment.
Voor het eerst liet ik mezelf gaan in het maken van een LO. Ik heb dus niet geprobeerd te liften of een style te kopiëren maar gewoon mezelf geprobeerd te blijven.
Ik pakte een kit en heb helemaal niet opgelet of de kleuren klopten ofzo … ik heb gewoon een setje gekozen omdat ik de kaartjes mooi vindt.. Daarna heb ik de foto’s uitgezocht en neergelegd. Ik ben begonnen met de catitued. Omdat het zo’n grappig verhaal is. (Als onze tabby zijn zin niet krijgt, gaat hij met z’n rug naar de kamer zitten en heel hard slaan met z’n staart) Daarna de verhalen over onze twee andere pluizenbollen. De eerste is de belangrijkste die week.
Vervolgens kwamen de 2 over de pizza en soep. Ik ben van plan om dit jaar wat meer over willekeurige dingen te vertellen. Vandaag over ons favoriete eten. (En snoep)
Ik had een lege plaats over, dus heb ik de foto van mijn zelf gehaakte oorwarmer erbij gedaan.
En dan mag ik nog los met de die-cuts.
Ik was erg blij met het resultaat, maar ik voelde dat ik meer had kunnen doen ….

Bedankt voor het lezen,
Liefs Lieke


Mix & Match Friday !!!

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I Love my planners !!!

I have a huge A5 Orriginal Filofax in Aqua, a small purple pennybridge compact Filofax in my purse. A black personal domino and ….maybe I will buy a malden pocket this year… I love how the malden looks.

This year I’m trying to make my own inserts. On normal copying paper for now, and undated. Its easier to design them with no dates. Can you see I’m leaning towards the bujo layout?

Do you have a planner? And do you decorate it?
And the most important question of them all, would you like to see more of my planner???

*Pssst… I have a little secrete to tell you… I’m working on something new… and it involves a camera …* Stay tuned to find out what I’m working on !!!!

Thanks for reading,
Hugs Lieke…

Hope to see you next time !!!


Tips & Tricks

Making a collage in Picasa or the project life app .

#Picasa. This is an old program of google. You will have to search if you diden’t already downloaded it. Some really smart people have put it back online after google discontinued it.

Open Picasa.

Select (push shift and click on desired photo’s) I chose 6 photo’s to make 6 2×2 photo’s.


Than you choose making collage. Above your top photo you see 3 icons, a green triangle a red-ish photo and a blue filmstrip. The red one is making a collage.
A new tab will open.


Make sure the settings on the left are on 10x15cm/ 4×6 inch. Check the options below for a landscape or portrait photo. And check the settings for the actual layout. Make sure it is on grid.
Making a 2 photo collage works just the same. You only select 2 photo’s.
NOTE: Google is no longer supporting picasa !!

The second collage maker is one you have to buy.
I LOVE the Becky Higgins Project Life app. This is so easy to use
and worth every penny !!!

Open the app, choose the left top quarter (the orange one that says make a collage ,hehe)


Pick the layout you want, and begin creating.



If you click share when your done with your collage. You get the option to save.


Most of the time I pick 4×6 Image. after that Export, And than i will upload it to photo’s
so I can print the collage later on.


And this was my tut on how to make a collage.
If your used to Photoshop or lightroom. Choose one of those two. I think they are the best programs to use.

I hope you liked my tips and tricks of this week.
And I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
Thank you for reading.

Hugs Lieke !




Week 3

Helaas heb ik van week 3 geen foto. Er staat te veel op wat privé is. Maar niet getreurd. Ik heb wel een paar leuke scrap LO’s voor jullie, uit m’n vakantie album !!

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of my week 3 LO. There is to much in it what is private. But I do have a collection of photo’s from my vacation album !!

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Products used: You are here collection , Simple Stories.

Mix & Match Friday !!


Kliederen in m’n art-journal.
Ik heb niet heel veel bijzonders gedaan hier.
De bladzijden zijn natuurlijk eerst bewerkt met gesso. Daarna heb ik met een pasje, verschillende kleuren blauw uitgesmeerd over de LO.
Wat gestempeld met StazOn en een stencil van Tim Holz gebruikt.
Als laatste heb ik wel iets grappigs gebruikt. Inka Gold van Viva Decor.
Een verf op een basis van bijenwas, die je gewoon opsmeert met je vingers. Zoals je ziet glanst het heel mooi en heeft het een echte diepe kleur.
Ik heb daarna nog wel tekst toegevoegd, maar dat is privé en daar heb ik dus ook geen foto van.

Bedankt voor het lezen,
Liefs Lieke.


Making a mess in my art journal.
I have not done anything special.
The pages are, of course, first be painted with gesso. Then I used a old debit card to spread different shades of blue on my pages..
Stamped with StazOn and used a stencil of Tim Holz to add some purple.
Finally I used something special. Inka Gold of Viva Decor.
A paint on a base of beeswax, you just smear it on with your fingers. As you can see it is really shiny and has a real deep color.
After that I added text, but that is private and I have made no picture.

Thank you for reading,
Love Lieke.